Friday, June 19, 2015

Disassembling a Brother MFC-J450DW Printer

To better utilize the MFC-J450DW printer, it became necessary to take it apart. This would allow for unnecessary features (such as scanning and faxing) to be removed while at the same time gaining insight on how exactly this model handles printing. A rough step by step guide of the tare down can be found here.

Surprisingly it was found that this printer does not print directly from the print cartridges themselves. Instead, the cartridges merely act as a reservoir to hold the ink before they are pumped up to the actual print head. More so, these pumps came pre-charged with ink. This means that to use this printer for printing circuits the reservoirs, tubes, and pumps must first be cleaned as to not contaminate the ink. It is recommended to find a printer that prints directly from the cartridges themselves so there is a less chance of contamination.


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